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Baked Caramel Stuffed Apples


I wanted to create a dish that was simple, easy and delicious. This recipe is great snack or dessert for the up coming holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The green apples give the benefits for healthy bones and skin, as well as they are low in fat and carry a lot of vitamin A and C.   Sweets are always good in moderation,and great as a treat.


  • Green apples 3-4 ( or how every many  as you would like)
  • Butter ( I use I cant believe its not butter)
  • Cinnamon
  • Werthers Soft Caramels


  1. Pre-heat at 375 degress.
  2. Scoop out about a little more than a dollar coin  f or 1-2 caramels. For more caramel scoop out a bigger hole for 3-4 caramels in the middle.
  3. Melt butter in microwave and brush melted butter with a thin layer over inside of the apples.

4.  Add the caramel than add the cinnamon on top.

5. Baked for 15-20 mins (watch apples).

6. Enjoy! Ice cream Optional!


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