Organic Sweet Potato Chipshomemadesweetpotatochips

These chips are my favorite to make during the fall and winter seasons. Not many people know but these snack is gluten-free. Sweet potatoes are also good for carbhoydrates which turns into energy. It is also packed filled with fiber and protein and, has a good amount of vitamins and minerals!
1. 2-3 organic sweet potatoes (orange) you can use white but I prefer the orange ones
2. 2tablespoons of olive oil (veg  oil can be used)
3. 2 tablespoon of dried organic rosemary (the fresh rosemary doesn’t keep the same consistency)
4. Himalayan pink salt or reg sea salt about 2 or 3 small pinches

1. Before cutting and getting seasoning ready preheat the oven to 350F.
2. Wash off the dirt from the sweet potatoes and cut very thin to about about 1/4 or smaller pieces
3. In a bowl mix together the potatoes with the olive oil,rosemary,and salt
4. Once oven is ready bake for 10 mins, than flip and watch chips (take out golden brown)