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How to get Longer and Thicker Lashes Naturally


If your eye lashes need an extra boost here are different natural ways to help thicken and lengthen them. It is also important to treat your eyelashes if you wear a lot of mascara or fake eye lashes with the glue. Mascara and fake eye lashes take a major toll on your eyes. I mix all three oils in one small container and put it on my eyes every night before I go to bed!

1.vitamin e enhance1. Vitamin E oil is great to put on your eye lids and lashes every night to promote growth so they can get conditioned. The oil will allow strengthening and thickening of eye lashes as well as eye brows! Make sure the vitamin E oil has jojoba oil as well if it doesn’t it can be mixed with the vitamin E oil. You can use vitamin E oil with jojoba oil but it really helps promote growth to your eye lash. Vitamin E oil also has many other uses such as removing dark spots under eyes, helps reduce appearance of acne and damaged tissue, helps with brittle hair works as a conditioner, lip balm, removes all makeup, and moisturizer. Use vitamin E oil and castor oil and jojoba oil for best results!

 NOW-07713-22. Jojoba Oil is very gentle and great to use all around your eye reign. It is a natural way to stimulate eyelash growth. You can even use it on your eye lashes! You can even use jojoba with  vitamin E oil on your hair and as a moisturizer (day or night), acne and spot treatment, lip balm, makeup remover and hair treatment. Even as a post shaving cream! Use vitamin E oil with Jojoba and Castor for best results!

castor oil3.   Castor oil is very important for thickening and re growing hair. It can help prevent breakage and moisturizes the eye lash by hydrating the tired, brittle, dry lashes. This will help the eyelash to grow full length and height so new lashes will come in easier. Mixing castor oil with both jojoba and vitamin will enhance results. Make sure you get 100% cold pressed. Mixing with Castor oil with jojoba and vitamin E oil will show better results.

shea butter4. Try massaging Shea butter on your eyelids, along the lash line. This will help the blood flow and increase efficient circulation that will help your lashes grow and prevent thinning in the future. If you wear extensions a lot or tryin to repair the lashes from extensions this is an amazing all natural way to repair. Make sure you use 100% raw Shea butter

eye-brush-comb5. Brushing you eye lashes everyday in an upwards motion can help get rid of any clogged pores you have. This helps essential nutrients to reach the follicle. By stimulating the follicles in the eye lashes will help promote growth. Once to twice a day is recommended.

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